What is Cascara?

Cascara Coffee is a coffee trading company born in Dubai, UAE. We take pride in providing consistent, high-quality coffee to our customers. Coffee grown in farms all over the world, then hand-roasted and delivered to homes and businesses.

It doesn’t stop at coffee trading, we go above and beyond – specialising in all things coffee. We have helped hundreds of businesses get off the ground with reliable, wholesale coffee and advice on espresso machines, coffee grinders and more. We even provide comprehensive training for baristas on all the equipment we sell.

We celebrate the personality of our teams, our coffee and our customers. This ignites the positive energy we radiate. We take ownership of our mission and strive to achieve our goals.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a consistent provider of exceptional coffee products, to work with customers who share our values of excellence, quality and consistency.

We have a wide variety of customers, ranging from contemporary cafes to high-end restaurants and five-star resorts. We treat every customer equally and provide round the clock advice and support for all things coffee-related.

We are partners who you can rely on.

Our mission

Cascara wants to provide a consistent creation of exceptional products to our customers, whether it is coffee, equipment or customer service. We work closely with all our customers delivering tailored barista training, high-performance machinery and ongoing service, support and consultancy.

We want to help as many businesses as we can reach their goals and thrive in their respected industries.

If you’re looking to take your cafe or restaurant to the next level with a reliable coffee and equipment supplier, who will guide you along every step of the process. Or if you’re just looking to get fresh, expertly roasted delivered to your home.

Sign up for a free personal or business account today. Your account is the first step towards a better coffee experience for yourself and your customers.