Cafec Stainless Steel Kettle Tsubame Pro





One important point of hand-drip is to pour water slowly and make thin water flow.

Almost all people think it is difficult to hand-drip by themselves because they are not professional! We think if that is the case, let us make a drip pot which makes thin water flow! That’s it! It is easy! “Tsubame Pro” was developed from such different angle of thinking.

The Tsubame Pro is hand-made one by one in Tsubame city, Niigata where is famous as high-quality stainless manufacturing. The thinnest spout 6.0mm was said to be difficult to be manufactured so far, but the Tsubame craftsmanship made it possible.

Thanks to the thinnest spout, it is easy to pour water to targeted point. And more, thanks to the sharp top edge, it has excellent water break too.

The ideal dripping pot produced by the world’s leading craftsmanship; that is the “Tsubame Pro”. Everybody can be a professional of hand-drip once you use it!


TSUBAME PRO  Stainless Coffee Kettle

  • Thinnest spout diameter 6.0mmThe 6.0mm, it is the surprising thinness of spout diameter.
    Not just drop-pouring, you can pour water to your target point easily.
  • IH enabled potThe pot can be heated both on an open flame and on an IH heater.
  • Stainless body

A thermometer can be put in from the steam hole* on the lid.
* The hole on the lid is for Tsubame Pro only. The Tsubame Wood does not have a hole.

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